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Background of stars


Pilgrims Ark

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“It was flared out as if it were a cosmic parachute.

In this firmament, where Earth was just another pinprick, an object chilled with veins of superfluid and superconductive memories traversed the final remnants of the Oort cloud.”


When software specialist Mike Brazier from SETI detects the arrival of an enigmatic visitor, it triggers an evolutionary chain of events. But, with humanity on the cusp of becoming a hive mind, their linked futures need a guiding hand.

As agitators exploit tensions between the augmented and the disillusioned, the path to survival must unfold covertly or awaken revolt. Can it be navigated without the help of Earth’s emergent conscious AI?


The Entanglement Well

The sequel to Pilgrim's Ark... (going through final edits).

“Like Macca, Nieru was multifaceted and likely to have an overlap on a majority of thoughts. But Macca relied almost entirely upon verbal dialogue to seek out alignment.  If the AI called Nieru could read minds, it could provide tremendous efficiencies, but it meant the stampede of thoughts would trample privacy; little to nothing could be obscured.

More frighteningly, Nieru had evolved with the primary purpose of ensuring order by suppressing dissenting views. It was a dangerous combination.

Here, in this most remote outpost, she suddenly felt watched. Tentatively, Josie decided to explore how safe she was.”

As the implications of the Pilgrim technology become mainstream, a new foe of our own making awakens. After decapitating the heads of state in the People’s Republic of China, the Artificial Consciousness of Nieru seeks to build a better world.

...But at what cost?



The hidden Shiboleth

Something arises. The conflict in The Entanglement Well has awoken an ancient resident. Will it absorb humanity or can it be reasoned with

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