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Writing a Book (midwifry)

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

After Gestation…

This would be a short blog but for the fact my first novel “Contact Ascension” suffers from the publishing equivalent of “placenta previa”

In short “Contact Ascension” is a sequel that is subject to copyright. ( you can read about what possessed me here)

To rescue my brainchild am seeking some way to make contact with  the Sagan foundation. I hope to be able to propose this idea:

  1. That my novel “Contact Ascension” and the ideas it embodies be allowed to live the life it was intended to; to thrive or fail on its own merits.

I wrote this novel with the objective of expanding our consciousness and with the intent of making a difference:

  1. With the help of Carl and many others like him “Contact Ascension” embodies how I perceive the wonder of the universe.

  2. Having had a hand in its creation I would want it to nurture the nursing grounds of its genesis. I would want the majority of proceeds to pass directly to Wikipedia.

I respect that Copyright is a principle of merit. I also worry that merit is choked in less privileged areas of the world, and I think this impoverishes us all. The only cure is freedom from the protection of privilege.

For my story this freedom represents an embrace by the copyright to “Contact”. If it was consistent with their charter, I hope that the Sagan foundation would support this freedom. (I know Ann Druyen actively supports Wikipedia, without which the book would not have been possible.)

Now I just need this idea to be passed on to others. Perhaps, if there are but six degrees of separation, this will get to the right people and “Contact Ascension” can breathe life.

If this someone is you…


Greg Stroot.

1 Without intervention it was doomed from inception. (I would like to think the story was nurtured in the same womb of curiosity, although being of the “main sequence” myself I know I could not presume the status of a Supergiant like Carl)

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