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The calling

I would argue that the most enchanting word in the English language is coalescence.

It represents the synthesis of clarity from disparate ideas. It is the magic of imagination, the source of inspiration, the spark of genius. Perhaps it was the fluid state that culminated in the mind of Einstein as relativity consumed him.

We should all be so entitled.

Being at the other end of the bell curve, we may never feel that same rush. But in quiet moments away from our mechanistic duty we may feel the hints of it. And when we do, we hunger for it.

Its etymology from Latin is “together be nourished”. It is the food of the spirit, and the world is malnourished of it. It calls me to write this passage. It calls me to write my novels. And I’m constantly foraging for the ideas that rattle around in the digestion system of my mind before they coalesce.

The feeding grounds

In this writing, I want to share my current feeding grounds. Since the feeding grounds are in constant flux. I hope to add others as I discover them. I'm doing this in the comments area (which I will maintain but leave open).

It’s also important to know that sharing a feeding ground does not deprive anyone of the ideas that coalesce into an epiphany. Quite the opposite, sharing serves to grow us all.

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